Plant Planner

Included in this planner:

•Plant Health Check

•Plant Light Guide

•Record Your Plants

•Houseplant Inventory

Every plant is unique and has different needs in order to grow. By understanding each and every one of your plants, you can help them thrive and blossom under your care.

The Plant Planner provides up to 150 templates to help you record and understand each of your plants. Each template includes space to record your plants watering schedule, growth rate and much more!

This planner will help you understand where to position your houseplants, how to give them the right light and how to understand what your plants are trying to tell you.The Plant Planner is perfect for all plant lovers who want to understand their plants needs and watch them bloom. 

Positivity Planner

The Positivity Planner is an undated planner that will show you simple tools to help you clarify your vision and blossom into the person you want to be. Get ready for a guided journey of growth and self-development with mindfulness prompts to help you tap into the next level version of yourself.

Positivity Planning involves four phases: Seed, Grow, Blossom and Nurture. Each section includes exercises which will help you stretch yourself and focus on growth while maintaining a positive attitude and improving your mental health.

The Positivity Planner is perfect for the plant lover in you who wants to create better habits, follow through with plans and achieve your goals.

If you’re ready to fine tune your plans and develop habits that align with your big picture dreams, this planner has everything you need to walk forward with a clear vision full of success.

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