Welcome to my indoor jungle!

Hi I’m Laura!

As you might have guessed, I’m a little bit obsessed with indoor plants. I love bringing nature into my home and if you look me up on social media, you’ll see my ever growing collection of house plants.

Since buying my first home in 2017, I’ve slowly been turning my home into an indoor jungle. It took a while to build up my plant collection as we’ve been doing a lot of DIY in our home, but now the house is nearly finished I finally have more space for my plants.

Those Positive Thoughts

Those Positive Plants, isn’t my first blog, I’ve actually been blogging since 2016 over at Those Positive Thoughts which is a personal growth and lifestyle blog. I started writing a couple of plant related posts over there, but decided in 2020 to create a new blog for all things plant related.

Plant mum and cat mum

Alongside being a plant mum, I’m also a cat mum. In 2020 my fiancé and I adopted two cute but cheeky little kittens. We’ve called them Chuck and Daisy! Since sharing our home with Chuck and Daisy I’ve had to move the majority of my plants onto high up shelves and into hanging baskets, basically anywhere which is out of reach from the cats.