19 Beautiful Houseplants for Valentine’s Day

19 Beautiful Houseplants for Valentine’s Day

Flowers might be the common choice for Valentine’s Day but if your partner is a plant lover (like me), I can promise you that they would prefer one of these beautiful houseplants for Valentine’s Day. House plants are a gift that keeps on giving, if you give it the right amount of love and care they will keep growing and blossoming

Below are 19 houseplants for Valentine’s Day, from heart shaped leaves to pink foliage, these plants will make the perfect gift for any plant lover.

Houseplants for valentine’s day

1. String of Hearts

Love will definitely be in the air with the beautiful trailing String of Hearts. With small heart shaped and pretty lace pattern leaves, this is a very popular plant for Valentine’s Day. Plant care is similar to that of a succulent, they’re very easy to care for as they’re tolerant to neglect. I have my own String of Hearts hanging from a shelf in my office.

2. Hoya Kerri

The Hoya Kerri is another popular plant for Valentines Day. They tend to be sold as a single small leaf, however they’re quite hard to come across. A good place to start looking is eBay, this will save you searching in your local garden centres or plant shops. It’s a hardy and undemanding plant with its succulent qualities and can be left alone for long periods of time.

3.  Sweetheart Plant

Also known as Sweetheart Plant, is one of the most popular foliage plants. It has long stems with green heart-shaped leaves. Sweetheart Plants will thrive in both sunny and shady spots, but it doesn’t like direct sunlight. You can find a Sweetheart Plant in most garden Centres.

4. Variegated Monstera

Monstera’s are very easy to come by and can be found in most garden centres plant shops and even supermarkets. However, a variegated Monstera is very difficult to come by, I have found a few in garden centres but because they are so rare, they are on the expensive side. With that said, buying a plant lover such a rare plant for Valentine’s Day is a very special gift.

Variegated Monstera’s are pretty hard to come by, occasionally you might find them a garden centre, but most often they are purchased as cuttings from private sellers. I bought my Monstera from @Monsterarox. She is based in the UK, so for my international plant friends, try joining Facebook groups such as this one. Or check out Ebay, Etsy or Facebook marketplace.

5. Anthurium

Anthurium are very easy plants to care for, they don’t require much attention and will still look beautiful. Place your Anthurium in a bright room but not in direct sunlight. If you keep your Anthurium in a darker place, it will still survive but it will grow fewer flowers.

houseplants for valentine's day

6. Rex Begonia

Rex Begonia have beautiful coloured patterned leaves and pink flowers. To care for a Rex Begonia, water when the soil feels dry and put in a light room. The light will help keep the colour on their leaves, but make sure to avoid direct sunlight.

7. Radiator Plant

Peperomia Piccolo Banda, also know as the Radiator Plant or Emerald ripple. The Peperomia does best when it’s watered from its roots and it’s soil should be dry before you water it again. The Radiator Plant is a beautiful house plant and will make the perfect little gift for any plant lover on Valentine’s Day.

8. Black Rose

Black Rose is a type of succulent with large burgundy leaves that resemble flowers. Black Roses require full sun to develop the dark colour of their leaves, but they can also tolerate partial sun. Water this plant until the water drains through about once a week, then reduce the watering during winter to once a month. Black Roses make stunning houseplants and would be a beautiful plant to give on Valentine’s Day.

9. Pink Princess Philodendron

Philodendron Pink Princess is a beautiful plant to give to someone for Valentine’s Day, with is dark leaves and pink variegated blotches, it makes a stunning house plant. When caring for a Philodendron, place it in a location with bright indirect light and allow the soil to try out between watering.

10. Peperomia Hope

Peperomia Hope makes a beautiful houseplant, they’re leaves are very delicate and can fall off easily so take when when you’re moving it. They are very sensitive to over-watering, water your Peperomia based on the dryness of the soil.

11. Anthurium Clarinervium

With it’s giant lace patterned, heart shaped leaves, the Anthurium Clarinervium makes a beautiful houseplant and Valentines day gift. Anthurium’s prefer bright indirect light therefore keep it in a a sunny room but a bit further away from the window. Your Anthurium will do best when the soil has dried out in between watering.

12. Tradescantia Spathacea Sitara

Also known as, Osyer Plant and Moses-In-The-Cradle. This indoor plant has beautiful spiky colourful leaves which make a great gift for Valentine’s Day. They’re easy to care for and low maintenance plants.

13. Ruby Rubber Plant

The Ruby Rubber plant has beautiful green and pink variegated leaves. Place your Ruby in a location where it can get bright, indirect light and water it about once a week, and a bit less in the Winter months.

14. Sunburst (Succulent)

Add some sunshine to your home with beautiful sunburst succulent. With their bright yellow and green leaves this succulent makes a beautiful addition to any home.


15. Hoya Australis Lisa

Also known as a Wax Plant, Hoya Austalis Lisa has pretty long slender stems with glossy leaves. They need bright indirect light and allow the top half of the soil to dry out between watering.

houseplants for valentine's day

16. Fittonia Nerve Plant

The Nerve Plant has striking pink and green leaves and will make a great house plant to give to someone on Valentine’s Day. Nerve Plants prefer to have moist soil, so water moderately and mist occasionally.

houseplants for valentine's day

17. Wandering Jew

Also known as Purple Queen and Spiderwort, this houseplant does best in bright but indirect sun. If it doesn’t get enough light then the variegation of the leaves begins to fade. Water weekly and keep the soil moist but not soggy.

18. Oxalis

Oxalis is a beautiful and fairly easy houseplant to care for. They are considered to be weeds to many gardeners, if they are kept as houseplants during winter they will go dormant, but will start growing again once they have enough light. They thrive in bright indirect light and enjoy being watered every 1-2 weeks.

19. Calathea Magicstar

Calathea Magicstar is a striking houseplant, they are non-toxic so are a great houseplant if you have pets. They can be quite high maintenance, they love high humidity and will thrive best when next to a humidifier or when misted frequently. Keep the soil moist during the growing season and let the soil dry out slightly in winter. 

Which of these beautiful plants is your favourite?  

Laura x


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