How to care for a String of Hearts

How to care for a String of Hearts

String of Hearts, also known as Ceropegia Woodii, is a beautiful and elegant trailing plant. Its care is similar to a succulent, as it’s very easy to look after and tolerant to neglect. Which makes it the perfect plant for new plant parents.

Water every 10 – 14 days in the growing season and even less in winter when the plant is dormant. It’s a very drought tolerant plant and stores water in its leaves, which means it can survive if you forget to water it for too long.

String of Hearts looks great hanging in a basket or trailing from a shelf. Their pretty heart shaped leaves make them the perfect gift for any plant lover on Valentines day.

It’s not known to be to toxic, but it’s best to keep this plant away from any pets which are likely to play with dangly plants, such as cats.

Give you String of Hearts plenty of bright light, as this will enhance it’s colour. This is a fast growing plant, therefore if it gets too long and straggly you can trim back some of the vines to your preferred length.

If you do trim back your plant, you can use the pieces you have cut off to create a second plant. Watch this video by the Crazy Plant Guy to learn how you can propagate your String of Hearts.

See below for more care information. You can copy this information into your Plant Planner.

String of Hearts

Common name: String of Hearts

Botanical name: Ceropegia woodii 

Toxicity: Not known to be toxic, but keep away from pets who like to play with plants

Growth rate: Fast growing, trim to your desired length if it gets too long

Air purifying: No

Temperature: Warm to high

Humidity: High to normal

Misting: Doesn’t require misting

Light: Bright light

Water: Drought tolerant, 10-14 days depending on the season.

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