How to care for a Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Spider Plants are perfect for new plant parents. They’re easy to care for an if you look after them you will be blessed with baby spiders or “spiderettes” which you can propagate and turn into new plants.

Spider Plants are also air purifying plants and will help to clean the air in your home by removing airborne toxins.


Spider Plants thrive in bright indirect light, they can tolerate shade however this will slow is growth rate and you might not see any baby spiders for a while. You should also keep your Spider Plant out of direct sunlight as this could burn its leave, leaving it with brown spots or edges.


Keep your plant well watered, they like their soil to be kept moist throughout the growing season, and less so in Winter. Check the top of the soil before watering if the top 1-2 inches is dry then it’s time to water.

Root bound

Spider Plants can become root bound quite quickly, however don’t be quick to repot them, as they actually prefer to be cosy in their pot. When they are rootbound they are also more likely to reproduce. Just check that the water can still drain freely from the drainage holes. If the roots have got too big and are blocking the drainage, then it should be repot.

Baby Spiders

If you take care of your Spider plant, by giving it the right amount of water and light, then it can produce baby spiders. You can choose to keep your baby spiders attached to the mother plant, or you can root them in soil or water.

See below for more care information. You can copy this information into your Plant Planner.

Common name: Spider Plant

Botanical name: Chlorophytum

Toxicity: Non toxic

Growth rate: Fast growing

Air purifying: Yes

Temperature: Warm

Humidity: Normal

Misting: Doesn’t require misting

Light: Bright light

Water: Once a week, might need more water during summer. Keep the soil moist.

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