10 Shade Tolerant Plants You Will Love

10 Shade Tolerant Plants You Will Love

Even if your space isn’t blessed with lots of natural light, that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own indoor jungle and fill your home with plants. There are lots of beautiful indoor plants which are prefer low light. Here are some of my favourite shade tolerant plants.

shade tolerant plants

Snake Plant

Snake Plants are easy to care for, air-purifying and shade loving plants. Even though they will do thrive in bright indirect light, they can adapt to low light conditions. Snake Plants are easy to care for as they thrive on neglect, you don’t need to water a Snake Plant much, I water mine every 2-3 weeks, depending on the season. When watering, allow the soil to dry out, then water thoroughly and let the water drain freely.

Satin Pothos

The Satin Pothos is a beautiful shade tolerant plant. They have large, heart shaped green leaves with large white splotches, they can either grow up a support or you can let them trail or hang freely. Water your Satin Pothos when the soil is slightly dry.  They’re drought tolerant plants and too much water will kill the them.

Boston Fern

The Boston Fern looks great hanging in a basket on at the top of a shelf where it’s leaves can hang over the edge. Boston Ferns has moderate light requirements, it can tolerate anything from from bright indirect sunlight to light shade. They are also one of the top houseplants for purifying and filtering the air.

Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra’s are also known as the Cast Iron Plant. It’s well deserving of it’s common name as it’s a very resilient plant and can thrive on neglect. It’s a very shade tolerant plant and can thrive in bright indirect light and low light spaces.

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are shade tolerant and low-maintenance houseplants. They prefer moderate to bright indirect light, but they will adapt to low light conditions. They’re very easy to care for and will let you know when they’re thirsty when their leaves start to droop. Peace Lilies are also air purifying plants and will filter airborne toxins.

Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant are another beautiful shade tolerant houseplant. They have the unusual characteristic of lying flat during the day and then closing upwards at night as if in prayer.  They’re also the perfect plant for pet owners as they’re non toxic to pets.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa, also known as The Swiss Cheese Plant, is a beautiful climbing plant. They prefer bright indirect light, but will tolerate moderate shade. Monstera’s are easy plants to care for, you just need to make sure it has moist soil and it has high humidity of around 60%, you can mist the plant to increase the humidity.

Spider Plant

Spider Plants look great in hanging baskets or trailing from shelves. They prefer bright, indirect light but if you’re not blessed with lots of natural light they will also tolerate some shade; however, this will slow its growth rate. Keep your spider plant well watered throughout the growing season and less so during the winter months.

Blue Star Fern

The Blue Star Fern is a fantastic shade tolerant plant, they’re an undemanding houseplant and thrive under low to moderate light. Keep the soil moist at all times but do not over water otherwise your Blue Star Fern won’t be happy. I always water mine from the side rather than directly onto the leaves.

Calathea Zebrina

Calathea Zebrina, are also known as a Zebra Plant because of their bright green zebra-like leaves. Too much sunlight can cause a Calathea leaves to fade and  loose it’s markings, it’s best to put them in a spot with diffused light so they can really thrive. Calathea’s also love high humidity, I keep mine in the bathroom.

Do you have any of these shade tolerant plants? Comment below!

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