How to care for a Satin Pothos

Satin Pothos

The Satin Pothos is the perfect plant for new plant parents! They’re easy to for and very forgiving if you forget to water it now and again.

They thrive best in bright indirect light but can also tolerate low light conditions, lower light will just slow down its growth rate.

If you have pets then you will need to keep your fur-babies away from your Satin Pothos. As these plants are mildly toxic if eaten and can cause upset to your pets.

Common issues for your Satin Pothos

Why are my leaves developing brown tips? If your Satin Pothos develops brown leaves this could be an indication that it’s been underwatered, try increasing how often you water your plant and misting it occasionally to increase the humidity surrounding the plant.

Why my leaves curling? If your Satin Pothos leaves this may be because your plant has been under watered. Check the soil and if it’s dry then water your plant and the leaves will uncurl once it’s happy again.

See below for more care information. You can copy this information into your Plant Planner.

Common name: Satin Pothos

Botanical name: Epipremnum

Toxicity: Toxic, keep away from pets and children

Growth rate: Medium

Air purifying: No

Temperature: Warm

Humidity: High to normal

Misting: Weekly

Light: Bright indirect light to medium.

Water: Once a week, less in winter. They are quite drought tolerant plants, so if you’re not sure if it needs water, then wait a few more days. Less is better.

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