How to care for a Pony Tail Palm

How to care for a Pony Tail Palm

Beaucarnea, also known as a Pony Tail Palm, is a very forgiving and adaptable plant. They store water in their base which means they will survive if you forget to water them occasionally!

Pony Tail Palm’s prefer bright indirect light but can tolerate shade. Low light will slow down it’s growth rate whereas lighter condition will improve it’s growth.

Even though they store water in its base, it does best when watered regularly.

Pony Tail Palms are air purifying plants and will clean and improve the air quality in your home, by filtering out bad toxins from the air.

They are gorgeous a houseplant and if you have a tall one, they can make great floor standing plants. They can reach up to 2-3 metres tall, however they are very slow growers.

Common name: Pony Tail Palm

Botanical name: Beaucarnea 

Toxicity: Not known to be toxic

Growth rate: Slow growing

Air purifying: No

Temperature: Cool to medium

Humidity: Normal

Misting: Doesn’t require regular misting.

Light: Bright, indirect light. Can tolerate shade but will grow slower.

Water: 7 days. A Pony Tail Palm stores water in its base, therefore it can survive if you forget to water it now and again.

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