How to care for a Cast Iron Plant

How to care for a Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistras live up to their common name, Cast Iron Plant, as they are very resilient plants and have the ability to thrive on neglect and in most light conditions.

Aspidistras are not fussy when it comes to lighting and can thrive in bright, indirect light to a shady room. Just try to avoid direct sunlight as this can damage its leaves.

The Cast iron plant is a long elegant plant and is a perfect houseplant for new plant parents as it’s easy to care for and can be placed in a shady corner and still thrive. Unlike most houseplants which require more natural sunlight. Aspidistras are slow growing plants, and usually grow up to a 1 metre tall.

To care for your Cast Iron Plant, water when the top inch of the soil becomes dry, you can water more sparsely in winter. Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust, this will help the plant photosynthesis.

Apply a feed to your Cast Iron Plant every one to two months during the growing season. This will help with your plants growth and help it fend off any pests and diseases.

See below for more care information. You can copy this information into your copy of the Plant Planner.

Plant Planner info:

Common name: Cast Iron Plant

Botanical name: Aspidistra

Toxicity: Not know to be toxic

Growth rate: Slow growing

Air purifying: No

Temperature: Medium

Humidity: Normal

Misting: Doesn’t require regular misting.

Light: Bright, indirect light, medium light and shade tolerant. Cast Iron Plants are very resilient and can adjust to most light conditions.

Water: 7-14 days. Weekly in summer and every two weeks in the winter.

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