How to care for a Boston Fern

How to care for a Boston Fern

The Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) is a beautiful air purifying plant, it will bring calm into home and help regulate humidity. They are easy plants to care for however you do need to make sure they are in right environment.

Boston Ferns are happiest when they are in a humid environment, which makes them perfect plants for your bathroom or kitchen.

If a Boston Fern’s leaves start to turn yellow, this means that the humidity is not high enough. You can increase the humidity by misting them a couple of times a week.

Boston Ferns prefer bright indirect light but can also tolerate partial shade. When it comes to watering, they do best when their soil is moist at al times. You should water your fern when the top inch of the soil becomes slightly dry.

See below for more care information. You can copy this information into your copy of the Plant Planner.

Plant Planner info:

Common name: Boston Fern

Botanical name: Nephrolepis exaltata

Toxicity: Not known to be toxic

Growth rate: Fast growing

Air purifying: Yes

Temperature: Medium

Humidity: High. They need plenty of humidity and are ideal plants for the bathroom or kitchen. You can raise the humidity misting regularly.

Misting: Daily – weekly (depending on location)

Light: Bright, indirect light to medium

Water: Keep the soil moist at all times. Check the soil before watering, if the soil feels slightly dry, its time to water it. Water more regularly in Summer.

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