Houseplant Tour and Plant Tips

Houseplant Tour and Plant Tips

I currently have around 40 indoor plants and in this post, I’m going to be giving you a houseplant tour and showing you the plants which I have in my lounge. If you’re also a plant parent and slowing turning your home into an indoor jungle, then hopefully this houseplant tour will give you some plant styling ideas for your space. I’ve also included plant care tips and advice.

houseplant tour

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is one of the first house plants I bought and I’ve had this one for about two years now. When I first bought it, it was about 90cm tall and I reckon in another couple of years it will be touching the ceiling. In my opinion it’s one of the easiest house plants to care for.

I water my Fiddle Leaf Fig about once a week when the top of the soil starts to become slightly dry. Remember to rotate your Fiddle Leaf Fig otherwise it might start to lean towards to sun. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is also an air purifying plant and will filter airborne toxins from your home.

Aspidistra – Cast Iron Plant

This is my Aspidistra, also known as The Cast Iron Plant, It’s fully deserving of its common name as it’s very resilient and has the ability to thrive on little care. It’s shade tolerant but also likes bright indirect light. The Aspidreata doesn’t need much water and would rather be left alone than over watered. I water mine a couple of times a month when the soil has dried out.


This is my Monstera Deliciosa, also known as The Swiss Cheese plant, it’s another easy house plant to care for. I water my Monstera once a week when the soil has started to dry out and I keep near a window, so it gets bright indirect light. The Monstera poisonous if eaten, so keep away from pets and children.

Spider Plant

Spider Plants look beautiful in hanging baskets or in plants stands. When caring for a Spider plant make sure you keep them well watered, I usually water mine a couple of times a week, and less than this in winter. They prefer bright indirect light, so I have mine hanging in the middle of a bright room. They can tolerate some shade, however this will slow it’s growth rate.

spider plant

Pilea Plant

The Pilea Plant, also known as the Chinese Money Plant, Pass it on Plant, pancake plant and the many other names it goes by. When your Pilea Plant is thirsty it’s leaves will start to droop and look a bit sad, I water my Pilea once a week when the soil has begun to dry out.

Watch my houseplant tour video below!


Snake Plant

Snake Plants are tough hardy plants and I think they’re perfect for new plant parents. Their leaves are long and sword-like and they look beautiful in any home. You don’t need to water Snake Plants much, which makes them so easy to care for and hard to kill. I water my snake plant about once a month when the soil is completely dry.

I take my Snake Plant to the kitchen sink and water thoroughly allowing the water to drain freely. Once the water has drained out, I will put the Snake Plant back in its pot.

String of Hearts

String of Hearts is a beautiful indoor plant and looks stunning in baskets or hanging from shelves. They’re very easy to care for and require little attention. It’s not a succulent, but it does store water in its stems which is why it’s very tolerant of neglect. Water your String of hearts once the water is completely dry and keep it in bright indirect light.

Hoya Kerrii

I absolutely love my Hoya Kerrii, it’s a hardy and undemanding plant with its succulent qualities and can be left alone for long periods of time. They can be quite hard to come across and tend to be sold as a single leaf, like mine is here.

Philodendron Monkey Mask

The Monkey Mask Plant is a type of Monstera, it’s an easy to care for house plant as long it has moist, warm conditions. It prefers bright, indirect light but will tolerate moderate shade. This plant is toxic if eaten, so keep away from pets and children.

String of Pearls

String of Pearls is such an elegant looking plant, I love the way is looks trailing on my plant shelf. String of Pearls is a type of succulent and it stores water in its leaves, which makes them easy to look after as they are very drought tolerant. You should allow the soil to dry out between watering and don’t let the plant sit in water.  They prefer bright indirect light, so I keep mine on a shelf near a bright window.

I hope you enjoyed my houseplant tour. Follow Those Positive Plants on Instagram for daily updates.

P.S One final tip to keep your plants looking happy and healthy, make time once a month to wipe their leaves with a damp cloth this will remove any dust and help them to absorb more sunlight.

Laura x


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