A Beginners Guide to Decorating With Plants

A Beginners Guide to Decorating With Plants

There are so many different ways to style your home with plants and if you take a look at my Instagram, you’ll see that I’m slowly turning my home into an indoor jungle and bringing the outside in.

If I didn’t have plants in my house, it would be a simple looking home. With mainly white walls and natural looking furniture, it would have a very minimalist vibe to it. I don’t think I’m a pro at home designs but I do know how to style indoor plants and which ones will bring you the most benefits.

If you have an idea of what plants and style you want, then you’ll save yourself time and effort moving your plants around constantly. Although, I do like to rearrange my plant shelf from time-to-time πŸ™‚

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Create a plant shelf

My favourite way and probably one of the easiest ways to style your plants is to create a plant shelf. The hexagon shelves below are the highlight of my living room, they’re the first thing we see as we walk in the room. Most of my shelves and plant pots are white, I think this lets the colour of the plant stand out more. But of course you can create a plant shelf which is full of bright colours.

These hexagon shelves are from Home Base, I bought them for £11 each and we used command strips to stick them to the wall.

Plants featured on my hexagon shelves are:

  • String of Hearts
  • Hoya Kerrii
  • Snake Plant, Mother in Law Tounge
  • Prayer Plant
  • Cactus
  • String of Beads
  • Monkey Mask Monstera
  • Pilea Plant, Chinese Money Plant

Use plant stands to create height

Using plant stands are a great way to style your plants and create height. Snake plants look amazing in stands, as they’re tall and slender looking plants, and putting them in a stand gives them that wow factor. I bought the wooden stand below from Amazon* and the blue/green stand is from Sainsburys.

Plants featured below are:

  • Monstera, Swiss Cheese Plant
  • Rubber Plant, Ficus Elastica
  • Snake Plant, Mother in Law Tounge

Use hanging baskets

For any plants which will hang such as Spider plants and Ferns, put them into hanging baskets and let their leaves fall and create style in any corner. In my photo below I’ve used a rope to hang my spider plant, this is a cheaper alternative to buying hanging pots.

Let your plants trail

While some plants look beautiful hanging, others look best when they’re trailing. For my String of Hearts I decided to let it fall elegantly onto the shelf below.

Display smaller plants on stands

I received this lovely little wooden plant stand for Christmas and it’s the perfect place to display my succulents. Smaller plants can sometimes get lost among larger ones, displaying them on stands lets you show them off and create a feature of them.

Style plants with books

Another great way to style your plants is with books and other home accessories. In my office I’ve styled my small Snake Plant and Peace Lily with my journals and planners. Plants are the perfect office accessory as they promote creativity, productivity and help to reduce stress. So the more plants in your office, the better!

Get matching accessories

If you want to take your plant styling to the next level, why not match your home accessories to your plants. For example, in my lounge I have green cushions which compliment our light grey sofa and all of our plants. I also have a gallery wall with only plant photos. Creating a tasteful indoor jungle vibe. Our sofa is from Loaf and the photos are from Desino.

Choose plants which purify the air

If you’re bringing plants into your home, then you might as well choose plants which are going to purify the air and remove airborne toxins. Here are 10 air purifying house plants to get your started.

How do you like to style your indoor plants? Comment below and share your styling tips!

Laura x


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