What are your houseplants telling you?

What are your houseplants telling you?

What are your houseplants telling you? Loving your plants is easy, but how well do you know your plants? You can keep your plants happy and healthy by getting to know them and understanding what they’re trying to tell you. Your plant can’t talk to you, but it can communicate with you in other ways. Plants give off clear signs from its leaves, letting you know if it needs more water and sunlight. 

Below is a breakdown of some common things to look out for to keep your plants blooming. However, all plants are unique, and their symptoms can mean different things. It depends on the plant and what other symptoms the plant is showing. Keep reading to find out what your houseplants are telling you.

what are your houseplants trying to tell you

Are your houseplants showing any of these signs?

Leaf and flower drop

If your plants leaves or flowers have dropped this is a sign that it’s stressed, caused by a few factors such as lack of water, over watering, or not enough light. You can identity the problem by checking the soil, if it’s too dry then your plant probably need more water. You can also try moving your plant to a sunnier position.


If your plant leaves are leaning to one side, this is an indication they are are keen for sunlight. Move the plant closer to the sunlight and it will gradually lean into an upright position. Some plants will need to be turned weekly if they are prone to leaning.


If your plant is wilting, this is usually a sign that your plant needs more water. Some plants will wilt as soon as they are thirsty, such as Peace Lilies, but as soon as they have had a drink they will perk back up.


If your plant’s roots are growing through the drainage holes then your plant has been in that pot too long and needs to be re-potted into a larger pot.

Yellow edges

If your plants leaves have turned yellow this can be a sign that it’s being over watered. However, if your plants leaves develop brown edges this can be caused by lack of water. If you’re unsure, check the soil to see if its too dry or too wet.

Brown leaf tips

If your plant’s leaves are brown, then this is an indication that the water isn’t reaching the end of the leaves. To fix this problem, make sure you’re watering your plant consistently.

Brown and crunchy

If your plant’s leaves have turned brown and crunchy this means, it’s thirsty and you need to water the soil until it’s moist.


If your plant is not growing or developing new leaves this is a sign that is it thirsty. Start watering this plant more often to see more growth.

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