8 Pet Friendly Houseplants

Living with pets and plants can sometimes be a struggle, but you can make life a little easier by having pet friendly houseplants. I’ve been growing my plant collection for about two years and I…

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10 Resilient Indoor Plants

If you’re a new plant parent and looking for some resilient indoor plants to get you started, then this post is for you. Below are 10 resilient plants for the forgetful houseplant owner. These plants…

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How to care for your houseplants during winter

Houseplants during winter will require slightly different care, which can make them a little more difficult to look after, as you try to understand their new requirements. During winter your houseplants will enter a dormant…

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Seasonal Produce Calendar – free printable

Download our free seasonal produce calendar and start your own vegetable garden! Last year I was a bit late starting a vegetable garden and I didn’t grow everything I wanted, so this year I’m planning…

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Dragon Tree

Common name: Dragon Tree Botanical name: Dracaena Toxicity: Toxic, keep away from pets and children Growth rate: Slow growing Air purifying: Yes Temperature: Medium Humidity: High Misting: Weekly Light: Bright indirect light. Water: 7-10 days when…

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Bleeding heart

Common name: Bleeding heart Botanical name: Lamprocapnos spectabilis or Dicentra  Toxicity: Toxic, keep away from children and pets Growth rate: Normal Air purifying: no Temperature: Normal Humidity: High (Place near a humidifier during the winter months)…

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