How To Keep Your Houseplants Happy and Healthy

Do you want to learn how to keep your houseplants happy and healthy? Plants offer us so many benefits, from purified and cleaner air to improving our mood and reducing our stress levels. In return…

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19 Beautiful Houseplants for Valentine’s Day

Flowers might be the common choice for Valentine’s Day but if your partner is a plant lover (like me), I can promise you that they would prefer one of these beautiful houseplants for Valentine’s Day.…

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10 Easy Houseplants to Look After

If you’re a new plant parent looking for some easy houseplants to look after, then this post is for you. Below sharing 10 houseplants which I’ve personally found easy to care for. We’ve all killed…

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8 Pet Friendly Houseplants

Living with pets and plants can sometimes be a struggle, but you can make life a little easier by having pet friendly houseplants. I’ve been growing my plant collection for about two years and I…

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10 Resilient Indoor Plants

If you’re a new plant parent and looking for some resilient indoor plants to get you started, then this post is for you. Below are 10 resilient plants for the forgetful houseplant owner. These plants…

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How to care for your houseplants during winter

Houseplants during winter will require slightly different care, which can make them a little more difficult to look after, as you try to understand their new requirements. During winter your houseplants will enter a dormant…

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