Pet Friendly Houseplants

If you’re a plant parent but also have pets (like myself) then you will understand the struggle. I’ve been growing my plant collection for about two years and I recently adopted two adorable kittens, who…

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A Tour of my Houseplants + Plant Tips

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I’m slowly turning my home into an  indoor jungle. I currently have about 30 plants, and in my post and video below I’m going to be…

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A Beginners Guide to Decorating With Plants

There are so many different ways to style your home with plants and if you take a look at my Instagram, you’ll see that I’m slowly turning my home into an indoor jungle and bringing…

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Propagating a Pilea Peperomioides

The Pilea peperomioides is a beautiful house plant and very easy plant to propagate. The Pilea plant goes by many names, such as the Chinese money plant, Pancake plant, Pass it on plant or UFO.…

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10 Easy House Plants to Look After

If you’re a new plant parent looking for some easy house plants to look after, then this post is for you. Below I’m sharing 10 easy house plants which look beautiful but are hard to…

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What Your Plants Are Trying to Tell You

Loving your plants is easy, but how well do you know your plants? You can keep your plants happy and healthy by getting to know them and understanding what they’re trying to tell you. Your…

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